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Watford BID AGM

Watford BID Limited (the Company) will be holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 10 September 2020 at 2pm at Watford BID Ltd, Suite 5, Kings Court, 153 High Street, Watford.

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic the Government’s rules and guidance on social distancing are ever changing. This could affect travel and attending public gatherings. The current guidance means that this year’s AGM will take a different format to previous years.

The Board of Directors (“Board”) has concluded that, in the circumstances, members are requested to have regard to their own safety and that of others and are advised not to attend this year’s AGM in person.

While the ongoing pandemic restricts our ability to follow our usual AGM format, we are still legally required to hold our AGM and we intend to do so by limiting attendees to those required to form a quorum under our Articles of Association. The Company will make the necessary arrangements to satisfy the quorum requirements. The plan is for two members to be present in person, holding proxies for other voting members. We will be conducting a poll vote on the resolutions rather than a vote on a show of hands.

Although Members are discouraged from attending in person, they will still be able to ensure their votes are counted by submitting their proxies in advance, either online or by email or post. Members will also be able to submit questions in advance of the AGM and answers to questions on will be displayed on the website as soon as is practically possible.

Members are encouraged to appoint the “Chairman of the meeting” as their proxy rather than another person who may not be permitted to attend the meeting. We will also be enabling Members duly authorised to attend and vote, to join the 2020 AGM remotely by Zoom. Details will be announced in due course.

The situation is developing rapidly and we will continue to monitor the evolving impact of the pandemic and if it becomes necessary or appropriate to make changes to the proposed format of the 2020 AGM, we will inform members as soon as we can. Please monitor our website for updates.

Yours faithfully,

Maria Manion, Chief Executive and Director

Notice for the AGM: notice-agm-2020
Form of proxy for the AGM: proxy-agm-2020