Watford BID news

British BIDs Annual Survey

British BIDs has now completed its 10th Annual Survey. With the most comprehensive data gathered to date, it has provided us with a more extensive insight into the BID world than ever before.

An updated view shows that as of August 2016, there were 279 BIDs in the UK and Ireland, 227 of which were active, 33 developing and 4 going to ballot with only 15 being inactive or yet to ballot. There are an impressive 31 new BIDs to come into being during 2015 and 2016 covering a vast range of areas including commercial, leisure, mixed area, tourism and town centre.

A full, comprehensive survey documentation and a full list of British BIDs can be found here.

Facts about Watford BID:
• Watford BID is in its first term, it will go for renewal in October 2021
• Number of hereditaments: 462
• 77% of businesses voted for the BID, representing 73% of rateable value (RV) on a turnout of 43.3%
• The BID levy: 1.25% of RV, with a discount of 20% for businesses located in the intu Centre
• Businesses with a RV of less that £10,000 are exempt from the BID levy
• Members of staff: 4
• BID Board members: 21