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Notification of noisy work in Clarendon Road – 15th and 16th August


Letter from Watford Borough Council:

As part of the town centre improvement scheme, we need to undertake some resurfacing work in Clarendon Road and Watford House Lane. Unfortunately, in order to retain access to premises during the day, this work will need to be done during the evening.

On the evenings of Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th August, our contractor, Murrill Construction Ltd, will be breaking out the road surface and laying new surfacing. Inevitably, there will be some noise while this is being done. To minimise the noise later in the evening, it is their intention to commence at 7pm so that most of the noisy work will be completed by around 10pm.

We are working with Murrill to ensure communications with local residents and businesses remains a priority throughout the works. This includes updates on progress, on site notices and a dedicated contact telephone number and email address for people to report issues, should they arise. The out of hours contact phone number for safety related issues is: 07553 353381. The email address is: david.boulos@murrill.co.uk

All enquiries, therefore, should, in the first place, be directed to Murrill.

Watford Borough Council and Murrill Construction Ltd. apologise for any inconvenience caused during this or other related town centre refurbishment work. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the town centre improvements in general.

Yours sincerely,
Andy Smith

Transport and Infrastructure Section Head
Place Shaping and Corporate Performance

Watford Borough Council

Enquiries to: Andy Smith

Phone no: 01923 226400

Our reference: TC Public Realm